Carpet Care

Your new Abbey Carpet & Floor flooring represents a substantial investment in your home. An investment that you’ll want to keep looking its best for many years to come.

 No flooring lasts forever, but by following the maintenance tips outlined below, you’ll extend the life and beauty of your floor. 

Use Entrance Mats  
 Place floor mats inside and outside entrances to trap soil before it is tracked into your home.

Clean Spots & Spills Immediately 
 For best results, give prompt attention to spots and spills. Use a spoon or dull knife to remove solid materials. Blot up liquid spills with a white towel. Never rub, scrub or use a brush. This may cause damage to the carpet fibers. Use a cleaning agent and procedure appropriate for the type of stain being removed. 

Apply all cleaning agents to the cloth rather than directly to the stained area to avoid saturating the carpet when spot cleaning. Clean the fibers, not the backing. 

Deep stains might require repeat cleaning because they can “wick” back up after initial cleaning. 

Work from the outside to the center of large stains. This prevents spreading. 

Beware of Color Destroying Substances 
The chemical ingredients contained in these substances can cause your nylon or nylon blend carpet to become permanently discolored.  

  • bleaches

  • furniture polish

  • oven cleaners

  • plant foods, fertilizers and insecticides

  • acne medication and skin creams

  •  toilet bowl cleaners

  • tub and tile cleaners

  • drain cleaners

  • bathroom cleaners 

Vacuum Regularly
You can’t vacuum too often. Using a vacuum with a beater bar or rotating brush will loosen the dirt making it easier for the vacuum to remove soil.

Carpet with thick loop pile construction (Berber) may be sensitive to brushing, rubbing or scrapping of the pile surface which may cause fuzzing and pile distortion. It is recommended that vacuums with suction action only be used on these styles. 

Carpet sweepers and electric brooms are useful for picking up crumbs and surface soil, but it’s important to know that they will not deep clean.

Carpet Care

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